I'm Nahla

A Digital Artist,

Exploring the UX & UI


A close-up Self-Portrait by Nahla Niavarani

About Me

I'm Nahla Niavarani, a digital artist who also enjoys coding, and now based in Vancouver. I'm fascinated by creation and creativity. That is the reason both digital art and development make me feel alive!

UX Design & Development

UX Development and Design is a somewhat new concept for me. In 2020, when I was working on a project to design and develop a Workflow Management Platform by VBA, I got familiar with the UX conception. I tried to learn more about it and utilized its most important measures in my in-progress project, resulting in a fully customized workflow administration system. I got increasingly interested in UX Design and decided to pursue my education in this field to integrate my skill and passion in digital arts and coding. Taking Post-Baccalaureate Diploma program in Web and Mobile Design and Development at Langara College in Vancouver was a life-changing decision. Here at Langara, I hone my skills in Adobe Illustrator, Figma, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and collaborate with teammates in Human-Centered Design Projects.

Commercial Photography

I have worked as a passionate commercial artist focused on advertising photography. Since I prefer to have control over the final touch of my captured images, editing and retouching images is an integral part of my photography job. I utilize the most recent lighting technics as well as editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to create quality images.

Over the past years, I collaborated with a health magazine and an advertising magazine publishing in Iran as a freelance photographer to create marketing content. Additioanally, I performed tens of photography projects for musicians, fashion designers and local resturants.

A spotlight on an orange circle handbag holding by a woman
chicken and vegetables on a plate ready for grill

Graphic Design

A typographic logo in orange and blue colors

I've performed tens of commissioned graphic projects for music bands and fashion artists to design logos, flyers and other marketing content. Also, my most recent and comprehensive design project was creating the brand identity for a medical device company by utilizing design and user research expertise, resulting in a consistent and professional image of the company.

Other Professional Experiences

  • Product Owner,Tehran-Iran
    • Collaborated with the founding team actively, to create the company vision and mission statements, business plans and documents resulting in the establishment of a medical equipment service company
    • Designed a Workflow Management Platform by being attentive to the specific needs of the medical equipment service company, resulting in a fully customized wireframe
    • Developed a Workflow Management Platform by Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), resulting in the launching smooth workflow administration system

  • Senior Product Marketing Expert,Tehran-Iran
    • Conducted competitive analysis and market research for medical device brand resulting in a realistic business plan
    • Partnered with a medical device manufacturer to set the vision for product positioning, branding, pricing, segment strategy, and demand generation programs, resulting in the settlement of an emerging medical brand in the market
    • Created case studies, product demos, print collateral, and video testimonials resulting in enhanced brand awareness
    • Participated in numerous customer visits and extensive round table discussions to deliver the most up-to-date information to the physicians
    • Attended exhibitions and conferences and supported the execution of trade shows to raise brand awareness
    • Created marketing content based on the standards in the medical device industry to be published on the corporate website, presentations, and advertisements

My Interests

An arrangent of photoframe, notebooks and printed pictures

Travelling and adventure are inseparable parts of my life. I'm really into camping and mountaineering. I believe in this quote from Paulo Coelho that says:

“ If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine - it's lethal.”

Over the past years, I integrated my adventurous instinct with my photography passion and created a personal photo archive of travel pictures. So far, I've participated in some photo exhibitions and have my photos published as mentioned below:

  • Photography Exhibitions:
    • “1PIX 4th Photo Group Exhibition”, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran-Iran, January 2016
    • “The Melody Of Nature”, IRIB Gallery, Tehran-Iran, January 2016
    • “The Extremity Of Earth”, Mehr Gallery, Tehran-Iran, November/ December 2015

  • Published Photographs: